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Subsequent expansion in business vision saw an addition of ten companies over the years resulting in the formation of the Annai Group of Companies.
Throughout the past 27 years, the group has emerged as a solid force in the regional and global trade community committed to the highest standards in business practices. The growth of the group during the past 27 years is illustrated below.

The group as a whole had a total turnover of 119 crores for the fiscal year 2001-02, 133 crores for the fiscal year 2002-03 and 140 crores for the fiscal year 2003-04.
Faced with solid business competition both in the national and the global market, the Annai group continues to maintain its market leadership with its sound business strategies, excellent infrastructure facilities and a strong and loyal distribution network.

The Annai Group of Companies

Company Year Established
Annai & Co. 1979
Thangamani Enterprises 1980
Annai Stores 1989
S. A. Sons 1989
Sri Annai Agencies 1992
Annai Flour Mills (P) Ltd. 1996
Annai Fried Gram Mills (P) Ltd. 1999
Annai Windmills (P) Ltd. 2001
Annai Corp. 2004
Annai Pulses and Sugars 2004
Annai Agro Storage 2005


The Annai Group is committed to total customer satisfaction in terms of quality and services for its entire range of products. The continued commitment to excellence and innovative efforts to enhance quality, contribute to its market leadership in its business.
Quality standards are primarily achieved through automated systems. The Annai Group aims at striving and applying for the quality certificate, as its systems and procedure are well within the compliance of quality control.
In compliance with quality and to meet global standards, the group has computerized its services for smooth functioning of day-to-day business. All accounts of the group are duly audited. Current lines of credit extended by the group’s bankers are adequate to cover existing and future expansion in operations.
The group has in its employ professionals to monitor policy changes of the Government of India’s export and import guidelines for immediate implementation.



The Annai Group relies on its own fleet of vehicles for its day to day operations. The fleet capacity of the group is as follows: 30 Tata 407 ® (with a load capacity of 2.5 tonnes), 50 Mini Lorries (with a load capacity of 6.5 tonnes) and 10 Heavy Vehicles (with a load capacity of 10 tonnes) and 20 mini pickups (with a load capacity of 2 tonnes). This helps integrate the operations between the various offices, the Chennai Port and the warehouses.

Warehouse Facilities

The Annai group has a total of 3,00,00 Sq. Ft. at various locations (two of which are located near the Chennai Port) providing the needed infrastructure to ensure adequate storage for their commodities away from dampness and pests.